Friday, July 12, 2013

washer and dryer pedistals

So bending over to switch the laundry was getting old so I wanted to build some pedestals.  To buy them you're looking at spending $130 each.  I built mine for about $100 with plenty of scrap for another project or two.  It's large enough to hold the dryer and washer.  I also made the space between decking a few extra inches to fit our laundry baskets underneath. 

I looked around and found these plans:

I love Ana White's site, the projects are things that I would have in my house and in my skill range.  A lot of projects out there are way too hard for me at this point or look like something from the 70's.

So I'm not going to post plans since you can go to Ana's site and get great plans there.  There are only two modification I made.

1) I used two 2X4's instead of 4X4 for the legs, which she says you can do.  She has a metal bracket in the plans but I just cut one 2X4 3.5" longer.  Then I cut the outside corner off.  If you look at step three and just picture the metal bracket replaced with wood you will get the idea.  If you want picture just post a comment.

2) I used straight rectangle molding on the sides.  This hid the seams including my decking cut which was a little off.  Now I went to Home depot and it's $0.88 a foot which seemed like a lot.  So I went over to lumber and bought another 2X4.  I cut the 1/4" strips off to use as molding which looked great.  The first strip I tossed into my scrap pile since it has a rounded edge.  I'll find something to use it for.

Here it is with primer on it

I got it in place last night.  Few things to keep in mind if you do this project.  Make sure it does not block the plug.  Mine is right at the height of the plug but I lucked out that I had enough room to pull it forward so I can plug in my dryer.  This made the washer and dryer very high which is what we wanted but I was still surprised when I saw it in real life.  Make sure you really think about the total height before you build it.  I was also surprised how heavy the washer was, so get as many people to help as you can.