Monday, April 22, 2013

Robot Control Software

  I have an idea brewing in my mind for robot control software.  I was looking at arduino software and started looking at software to control it.  I know perl and some C.  I'm also reading the "art of unix programming".  Put this all together and I want to come up with a system of controlling a robot that can grow and expand as needed.

Project goals:
 1) The system should be made with as few assumptions as possible on how it will be used. 
 2) It will have a collection of parts to control the robot. 
 3) The goal is for the user to be able to replace the parts as needed and keep the parts that function for their application. 
 4) Each part will do one thing and do it well.
 5) system will use text input and output to make it easy to replace parts or add filters
 6) Increase my knowledge of C and Perl

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This is my first blog.  I am starting it for several reasons.  The first is that I like to write but find that my poor grammar and spelling makes it difficult for me to express my thoughts. I am hoping this blog will force me to write more regularly, leading to an improvement in my writing skills.  I apologize in advance for the grammar and spelling you will need to endure to read my blog, but hope you will see improvement very soon!

 The second reason for this blog is that I love to build things and helping people.  I love building everything from software to wooden bookshelves.  I hope by running this blog I will be inspired to keep projects going and that I might help some people along the way.

 The format of the blog will be very similar to how I take notes.  Some entries will be long with details of my projects.  Some entries will be short and just have a useful trick or something I thought was cool.  

 Please enjoy my blog and let me know your thoughts,